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Oral Presentation Prize Winners

Best Presentation:

O17  Tom Macleod –   IL-36ɣ acts as a global sensor of epithelial infection following liberation and activation by several epithelial pathogens

  1. Macleod, J. Ainscough, S. Herrick, Y. Terao, J. Wenzel, M. Stacey, M. Wittmann

Best Presentation – Runner Up:

O5      Florence Enjalbert – Understanding the role of ABCA12 in the Pathogenesis of Harlequin Ichthyosis
F. Enjalbert, P. Dewan, M. Caley, M. Morse, D. Kelsell, E. O’Toole

Best Presentation by a Clinical Trainee:

O18   Margaret Hammond – The Skin Microbiome in Atopic Dermatitis: Interactions BetweenBacteria (Staphyloccocus) and Fungi (Alternaria)
M. Hammond, J. Chandra, M. Retuerto, R. Sherif, M. Ghannoum, S. Nedorost, P. Mukherjee

Best Presentation by a Scientist Trainee (PhD):

O21    Anna Berekméri – Non-invasive proteomic analysis of inflammatory skin diseases via tape stripping and mass spectrometry.

  1. Berekméri, A. Alase, T. Macleod, P. Laws, M. Stacey, M. Wittmann

Poster Presentation Prize Winners

Best Poster:

P30: Lydia Costello – Generation of a novel ageing skin model

  1. Costello,1 N. Fullard,1 M. Roger,1 B. Hulette,2 D. Hill,3 C. Bascom,2 T. Dicolandrea,2 R. Isfort,2 P. Lovat3 and S. Przyborski1,4

1Durham University, Durham, U.K.; 2Procter and Gamble, Cincinnati, OH, U.S.A.; 3Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K. and 4Reprocell Europe, Sedgefield, U.K.

Best Poster – Runner Up:

P29: Rachael Sedman – Changes in structure and protease activity in the ageing scalp

  1. Sedman,1 D.J. Tobin,2 G.E. Westgate,1 A.D. Pawlus3 and M.J. Thornton1

1Centre for Skin Sciences, The University of Bradford, Bradford, U.K.; 2Charles Institute of Dermatology, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland and 3Aveda, Hair Innovation & Technology, Blaine, MN, U.S.A.

Best Poster – Runner Up:

P10: Eleanor Earp – Somatic mutation in normal human skin: a patchwork of clones

  1. Earp,1,2 J. Fowler,2 S.H. Ong,2 C. King,2 R. Sood,2 M. Hall2 and P. Jones2

1Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, U.K. and 2Wellcome Sanger Institute, Cambridge, U.K.


Oral Presentation Prize Winners

Best Clinical Trainee: O7 Jason Thomson – Exome sequencing of cohort of actinic keratoses to identify significantly mutated genes

Best Scientist Trainee (PhD): O21 Florence Enjalbert – Investigating the role of ABCA12 in the pathomechanisms of harlequin ichthyosis

Best Overall : O19 Christina Philippeos – Spatial and Single-cell Transcriptional profiling identifies functionally distinct human dermal fibroblast subpopulations

Best Runner up:  O6 Matthew Caley: Loss of Lama3 drives M2 Macrophage differentiation in squamous cell carcinoma

Poster Presentation Prize Winners

1st Place: P46. C. Bridgewood: Interleukin-36gamma induces interleukin-23 production and angiogenesis in psoriasis

2nd (runner-up): P22. A. Rehman: Novel role of desmoglein-3 acting as a negative regulator of p53

3rd (runner-up):  P20. J Q Tay: 1.25-Dihydorxyvitamin D3 down regulates matrix metalloproteinase-2 and alpha smooth muscle actin in wounded human dermal fibroblasts: Implications for scarring


Oral Presentation Prize Winners

Best presentation by a clinical trainee: Satveer Mahil – Preliminary validation of the IL-36 receptor as a potential therapeutic target in psoriasis.
S Mahil. M Peakman, R Trembath, J wright, J Barker and F. Capon.

Best presentation: Joseph Ainscough – Cathepsin S is up-regulated in psoriatic inflammation and activates the pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-36y.
J Ainscough, T Macleod, A Latzko, A Alase, M Wittmann, M Stacey.

Best presentation (runner-up):  John Lee – Large intragenic deletion in DSTYK underlies autosomal recessive complicated spastic paraparesis (SPG23) associated with loss of skin and hair pigment.
JYW Lee, CK Hsu, MA Nanda, L Liu, C Pourreyron, E Reid, RI Straussberg, WH McLean, MA Simpson, M Parsons, JA McGrath.

Poster Presentation Prize Winners

Best poster presentation: Jashani Dayal – The role of transforming growth factor β signaling in RDEB Cscc. J Dayal, A South, G Inman.

Best poster presentation (runner-up):  Suzanne Pilkington – Langerhans cells in human epidermis express human beta defensin-3 relevance for skin ageing.
S Pilkington, R Dearman, I Kimber, CEM Griffiths.


Best SpR Paper: O1 – iRhom2: a novel regulator of wound healing and cancer. T. Maruthappu, A.Chikh, D.Kelsell

Best Oral Presentation: Winner: O20 – A novel pathway of recognition of skin lipid antigens by T cells. S. Subramaniam, E. Bourgeois, M. Salio, V. Cerundolo, B. Moody, G. Ogg

Runner Up: O08 – Dissecting the role of iASPP, a novel regulator of epidermal homeostasis, in keratinocyte skin carcinogenesis. D.Robinson, C. Harwood, D. Bergamaschi

Best Poster: Winner: P08 – Epidermal growth factor signalling mediates mechanoregulation of keratinocyte proliferation. F. Kenny, A. Kao, A. Barber, E. O’Toole and J.T. Connelly

Runner Up: P6 –  Recombinant production of human tissue kallikrein 5 W. Chen and W.-L. Di


Oral Presentation Prize Winners

1st prize – Niwa Ali, King’s College London

A novel skin-resident vitamin D3-inducible human dendritic cell playing a critical role in tissue homeostasis and immunoregulation, as demonstrated in humanized mouse models of disease (O13)

2nd prize – Dr Vera Martins, Queen Mary, University of London

Loss of type VII collagen in squamous cell carcinoma increases angiogenesis in vitro and in vivo (O27)

3rd prize – Sarah Etheridge, Queen Mary, University of London

RHBDF2 mutations affect epidermal growth factor signalling in tylosis with oesophageal cancer (O24)

Poster Presentation Prize Winners

1st prize – Supatra Marsh, Queen Mary, University of London

The role of the basement membrane in normal epidermal homeostasis (P10)

2nd prize – Muhammad Rahman, Queen Mary, University of London

In vitro modelling of basal cell carcinoma reveals a novel PTCH1–GLI1 signalling axis that is unresponsive to Smoothened inhibitors in human keratinocytes (P2)

3rd prize – Dr Isioma Egbuniwe, King’s College London

Interleukin-10-producing B-cell populations in melanoma (P21)

Registrar’s Prize for Best Oral Presentation

Dr Rubeta Matin, Queen Mary, University of London

p63, an alternative p53 repressor in melanoma which confers chemoresistance and a poor prognosis (O1)