BSID prize winners 2023

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Early Career Research Awards:

Chester Lai

Emanuele Rognoni

Oral presentation winners:

Best Clinical Phd Student Oral presentation – Advanced melanoma is associated with distinct circulating B-cell profiles enriched with immunoregulatory and autoreactive features – Zena Willsmore

Best Phd Student Oral presentation – Using single-cell transcriptomics to characterize early mechanisms of psoriasis resolution – Luc Francis

Best Postdoc Oral presentation – Programmed cell death-1 receptor is a checkpoint in Tbet+ Th17 cells within the tumour microenvironment –  Katie Smith

Poster prize winners:

Dissecting the epigenetic and transcriptional regulators in keloid scars –Stavroula Tekkela

Whole-genome sequencing of malignant cylindroma in CYLD cutaneous syndrome reveals a clinically targetable somatic driver mutation– William Fostier