The best of BSID2023 at the BAD 2023 Annual Meeting

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BSID 2023 Prize Winners and ECR Awardees travelled to Liverpool to showcase the best of our Society at the BAD 103rd Annual Meeting.

Best Non-Clinical PhD Student and Best Postdoctoral Researcher Oral presentation winners Mr. Luc Francis and Dr Katie Smith, as well as the 2023 BSID Early Career Research Awardees Dr Chester Lai (Clinician Scientist) and Dr Emanuel Rognoni (Scientist) presented their work in a very lively and interactive session chaired by BSID Committee members Dr Abigail Langton and Dr Paola Di Meglio. The BSID Chair Dr Neil Rajan delivered the Opening address and Dr Joanna Jackow  from King’s College London delivered the Guest Speaker Lecture, sharing her latest work on gene editing approaches for Epidermolysis Bullosa.  The session was very well attended, being standing-room only at one point, with several attendees standing at the back to listen to the speakers!

We met with Dr Smith briefly before her talk to know more about her. She said: “I am an immunologist, and I received my PhD from the University of Edinburgh. I am currently at Newcastle University as a postdoctoral research associate in the Amarnath Laboratory.  I am very happy for the opportunity to attend the BAD meeting and present my work here”.  We also caught up after the session with Mr Francis who is a 2nd-year PhD Student at King’s College London, funded by The Psoriasis Association. “I enjoyed very much the discussion following my presentation- he said– and I am grateful for the useful feedback I received”.

The BAD meeting also traditionally gives the opportunity to the BSID committee to bid farewell to the Past Chair. Dr Daniele Bergamaschi was in attendance in Liverpool and received warm thanks for his long-standing service to the BSID as Treasurer first and Chair afterwards.